We are pleased to announce the generous support of the Azcuy Foundation as a Major Patron of CIMAM

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Gerardo Azcuy, Founder and General Director, and Sol Juárez, Product and Innovation Manager, responsible for cultural management at Azcuy Foundation and co-creator of the Azcuy Award, at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

October 2022.

Joining in a partnership is a commitment that must be generated coherently by sharing certain values that define and identify both partners. In this new relationship, we are pleased to share with Azcuy Foundation the mission of making art and culture a true agent of change that promotes the social well-being of all communities, the purpose of facilitating an inclusive dialogue on art, and the promotion of new talents.

In the case of the Azcuy Foundation, this takes place through the Premio Azcuy (Azcuy Award), the contemporary art award designed in partnership with the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Based on the belief that art can have a positive impact on your every day, this prize invites artists from across Argentina, no matter their trajectory, to bring art closer to society as they are encouraged to conceive works for public and residential spaces. While the Award challenges artists and gives them the opportunity to create projects of unprecedented scale in their careers, it also hopes to trigger new bonds between art and an audience it aims to expand. In the case of CIMAM, enabling spaces for dialogue on the essentiality of cultural institutions for society, and strengthening networks of curators and directors of museums and collections of modern and contemporary art worldwide to enrich these discussions and enable sustainable projects.

Meet Gerardo Azcuy and Sol Juárez, the two souls behind Azcuy Foundation's passion and commitment to contemporary art, through this welcome interview to CIMAM. CIMAM is truly grateful for the support we receive from the Azcuy Foundation as a Major Patron. It is essential to the functioning and success of this organization.

Gerardo Azcuy, Founder and General Director of the Azcuy Foundation. Sol Juárez, Product and Innovation Manager, responsible for cultural management at the Azcuy Foundation and co-creator of the Azcuy Award, at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Azcuy Foundation, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a Major Patron of CIMAM since 2022.

What is the nature of your activity and through which actions and projects are you linked to culture and art?

Azcuy is an architecture studio and real estate business that constructs residential buildings in Argentina. We are connected to art through the Azcuy contemporary art award, a contest open to the entire art community in Argentina with the aim of installing site-specific works in the social spaces of some of our buildings. There have already been three editions of this award and we have recently launched the fourth, which marks four consecutive years of commitment to art. To develop the contest, Azcuy Foundation has worked closely with the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires that Azcuy also supports, a public institution dependent of the Ministry of Culture of the Buenos Aires City Government, and with its director, Victoria Noorthoorn, and a prestigious jury responsible for selecting the winning project.

What are the values, the mission and the vision of your company, and how does modern and contemporary art help communicate your value proposal?

Our company’s foundation, the Azcuy Foundation, strives to help build a better society through both minor and major actions. We believe it is important to do, form part, collaborate, unite, be a bridge, engage, lend a hand, and be facilitators. Now is the right time to become agents of change. The goal is to contribute towards the well-being of society through architecture, art, urban planning, social responsibility and caring for the environment, interacting with public and private organisations that have our same values to tread this path together.

What is your mission to support the art sector and, more particularly, contemporary art museums, and what results would you like to see in the sector thanks to your contribution?

Our mission, in the Foundation in general and in terms of the Azcuy Award in particular, is to promote and encourage the development of young Argentine talent. To ensure their work is valued and contemporary Argentine art is strengthened. We also want to provide the community with a gateway to contemporary art by placing a work by a great local artist in each residential building.

What does forming part of CIMAM mean to the Azcuy Foundation, and how do you think CIMAM will help implement its mission?

Our aim is to support CIMAM in its projects. For the Azcuy Foundation, forming part means building a powerful joint network, the connection with prestigious international professionals to expand the company's proposal. It also means access to relevant events in the international art community.

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