CIMAM Connects: Conversations around Contemporary Art Museum Practices


Starting in 2024, CIMAM offers a new series of participant-driven online sessions focusing on peer-to-peer learning. These sessions are designed to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing among CIMAM Members, as well as encourage participants to discuss challenges faced by modern and contemporary art museums and share inspiring solutions.

This approach has been proposed to allow for casual organic discussions among CIMAM Members.

The networking session will last 1 hour, and participants are expected to:

  1. Login at CIMAM Members Only. Introduce your username (email) and password, to join the discussion. Should you forget your password, you can easily generate a new password.
  2. Introduce themselves briefly (15 mins). Include information like name, role, museum, or institution, and a brief highlight of the topic to be discussed.
  3. Group Discussions (30 mins). The participants will be divided into small groups of five to discuss the proposed topic. Each participant will be encouraged to share their point of view on the topic and discuss common challenges and possible solutions. Later, one of the participants can be selected as the spokesperson to share the ideas discussed in the small groups, when everyone gathers in the central room again.
  4. Open Floor Discussion (15 mins). The group reconvenes, and the spokespersons are invited to summarize some of the ideas contributed by each small group, and all participants are invited to share additional thoughts. Participants are invited to propose topics for the next session.

Sessions will be scheduled in the second half of the month and will cover as many time zones as possible.

Art in Public Space and Community Participation.

πŸ“… Schedule for Thursday, September 12, 2024

  • πŸ•’ 15:00 Los Angeles, USA (PDT)
  • πŸ•“ 16:00 Mexico City, Mexico (CDT)
  • πŸ•• 18:00 Ottawa, Canada (EDT)
  • πŸ•– 19:00 Buenos Aires, Argentina (ART)
  • πŸ•— 8:00 Sydney, Australia (AEST)

A session about the role of art in public spaces and community engagement, and explore successful models and methodologies.

Sustainability and Intersectionality.

πŸ“… Schedule for Thursday, November 14, 2024

  • πŸ•š 11:00 Warsaw, Poland (CET)
  • πŸ•› 12:00 Cape Town, South Africa, Africa (SAST)
  • πŸ• 15:30 Bengaluru, India (IST)
  • πŸ•” 18:00 Singapore (SGT), Hong Kong (HKT)
  • πŸ•– 21:00 Sydney, Australia (AEDT)
  • πŸ•– 10:00 Dakar, Senegal, Africa (GMT)

Discuss ecologically and socially responsible initiatives in museums and explore the interconnectedness of art, identity, and social justice.

β†’ Login at CIMAM Members Only. Introduce your username (email) and password to join the discussion. Should you forget your password, you can easily generate a new password.

Previous CIMAM Connects Sessions:

Innovative Museum Exhibition Practices.

πŸ“… Thursday, March 14, 2024

  • πŸ•˜ 10:00 Los Angeles, USA (PDT)

Explore cutting-edge methods for sustainable exhibitions, which consider green initiatives and socially responsible approaches. Also to discuss collaborative practices for sharing collections and resources to enhance the impact of museum exhibitions.

Contemporary Art Museum Evolution and Social History.

πŸ“… Thursday, April 11, 2024

  • πŸ• 13:00 Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila (HKT)

Discuss strategies for shaping the future of museums by emphasizing the intersection of collections, social history, and decolonial perspectives.