Patronage Benefits


Patronage Benefits

There are many ways to give to CIMAM with many benefits and privileges available in recognition of your generosity.

On top of the regular membership benefits (except for voting rights), being a CIMAM patron offers the opportunity to share your interest in contemporary art and museums, and collections with the most renowned international network of experts in the field.

Above all, you will be part of a remarkable group of international art enthusiasts who ensure the continued vitality of CIMAM in the years to come.

Supporting CIMAM will be a valuable ally in the fulfillment of your institutional mission and the achievement of your external relations goals.

Your support gives you access to the exclusive inaugural dinner held annually in a different city around the globe, attended by CIMAM board members, patrons, conference speakers, sponsors, and hosts.

As a patron of CIMAM, you will receive prominent international visibility throughout the year, as well as during the Annual Conference, a unique occasion to celebrate and show our gratitude to CIMAM patrons.

Patronage Groups

Supporters –1,500€/year

→ Access to CIMAM's membership directory.
→ CIMAM membership e-card.
→ 50% discount on registration to the Annual Conference.
→ Invitation to the VIP inaugural dinner of the Annual Conference.

Patrons –3,000€/year

Includes all the benefits listed above plus:
→ Two membership e-cards.
→ Complimentary registration to the Annual Conference.
→ Invitation to attend selected CIMAM Board meetings.
→ Personalized visibility through one news piece promoted by CIMAM.

Major Patrons – 5,000€/year

Includes all the benefits listed above plus:
→ Two complimentary registrations to the Annual Conference.
→ Personalized visibility through two news pieces promoted by CIMAM.

Benefactors – 10,000€/year

Includes all benefits listed above plus:
→ A total of three membership e-cards.
→ A total of three free registrations to the Conference.
→ Invitation to deliver a brief speech at the Conference.
→ Personalized visibility through three news pieces promoted by CIMAM.

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