Why do we need your support?


As a largely volunteer-driven organization, CIMAM relies heavily on the generous support of individuals and organizations. The support we receive from our patrons is essential to the functioning and success of this organization.

With the help from our generous patrons, we are able to represent the interests of the contemporary art museum community and encourage debate about the theoretical, ethical, and practical issues concerning the management of museums.

The support of our patrons has an immense day-to-day impact on this organization. It enables CIMAM to continue growing and expanding its international presence by engaging with the diversity of voices that characterize our profession.

Through our wide variety of programs, we provide the international contemporary art community a frame of reference for the analysis and qualification of new forms of institutional practice.

There are many ways to give to CIMAM that offer different benefits in recognition of your generosity.

We thank our donors for their loyalty and enthusiasm, and look forward to counting on their support and of new friends as we build for a future of even more extraordinary art and experiences.

CIMAM’s office at Fabra i Coats is generously supported by The City Council of Barcelona.