Why should museums remain open and operational?

19 November 2020

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Continuing towards our goal to connect with and support CIMAM members in these trying times, the Museum Watch Committee would like to raise the following questions to identify arguments as to why museums should remain open and operational.

  1. Has your government made any public expressions on the value of museums?
  2. Has there been a collective position taken by you and your colleagues?
  3. Did your museum have to make a stand?

If you can think of a short text in this vein, please send it to: museumwatch@cimam.org.

Your answers will be collated and shared with all CIMAM members. Any statements of such kind may inspire your colleagues elsewhere.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating on this initiative.

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The Museum Watch Committee of the CIMAM Board: Bart De Baere (Chair), Calin Dan, Sarah Glennie, Malgorzata Ludwisiak, Victoria Noorthoorn, Eugene Tan.

About the Museum Watch Program

The Museum Watch Program’s aim is to assist modern and contemporary art museum professionals in dealing with critical situations that undermine their ability to undertake their professional practice and effect a museum’s ability to operate to international standards of best practice. It does so by generating debate, using the CIMAM conference as a platform for shared reflection on key issues, and by publicly advocating for good governance and best practice.