About the Museum Watch Program



In 2012, CIMAM initiated a series of news publications responding to the different critical situations facing museums and collections around the world, with a focus on regions affected by global economic and political crises. The Museum Watch Program that developed from this serves as an advocacy program addressing specific situations that impact on museum professionals and not-for-profit institutions of modern and contemporary art.


The Museum Watch Program’s aim is to assist modern and contemporary art museum professionals in dealing with critical situations that undermine their ability to undertake their professional practice and effect a museum’s ability to operate to international standards of best practice. It does so by generating debate, using the CIMAM conference as a platform for shared reflection on key issues, and by publicly advocating for good governance and best practice.

Its core objectives are:

  • to inform the CIMAM community and society at large about critical situations that impact on a museum’s ability to maintain international standards of best practice
  • to provide a framework of support, solidarity, and where necessary activism to support CIMAM Members and our wider network of international colleagues
  • to publicly advocate for good governance and best practice within museums and institutions of modern and contemporary art,
  • to assemble and disseminate information to generate a deeper understanding of specific cases within the field and to document cases for the CIMAM archive.