About being a CIMAM Board member, by Eugene Tan

27 June 2022


Eugene Tan, Director National Gallery Singapore and The Singapore Art Museum is a member of CIMAM since 2017.

"Holding a post on the Board of CIMAM has provided me with an experience few other roles allow. Comprised of leading museum professionals in the field of modern and contemporary art, the Board sets the agenda on some of the most pressing issues facing museums today and works intensively to steer the course of matters of great import."

"Being on the Museum Watch Committee has kept me on the pulse of global museum trends to better understand what shapes our field, and how we might work to improve it. My CIMAM colleagues' generosity of spirit has allowed me the space to learn from a diverse range of views, enriching my knowledge of the field of modern and contemporary art museums and shaping my perspectives on the issues that affect it."

"The CIMAM Board also directs and executes impactful initiatives that bolster our community in difficult times -- from Rapid Response Webinars to the Travel Grant Programme -- and CIMAM's office provides proactive assistance that facilitates this urgent work with ease. Recent global turmoil has shown that it is necessary for cultural workers to amplify each others' voices on the global stage, and there is no better opportunity to lead that charge than on the Board of CIMAM."

CIMAM welcomes nominations from its voting members to join the active Board of CIMAM (2023–25). Deadline 31 July 2022.