Suvdaa Sampil

Sampil, Suvdaa .jpg

First of all, I would like to begin by conveying my heartfelt gratitude to the Getty Foundation, CIMAM for their generous support in the form of a travel grant, which allowed me to attend the CIMAM Annual Conference in Barcelona. I had an amazing experience and learnt a lot. I would like to share some of them. Barcelona city was a crowded full of amazing cultural heritage and for me, most attracted one was “Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya “. It is well preserved and the museum exhibitions are a combination of tradition and innovation, preserving exhibits of modern technology. It is very impressed me. I learn about international museums preservation, safety, policy and exhibition design so on.

Unlike the local museums in our country, the international museum managements and preservation are highly developed. Furthermore, there are many ancient temples in Mongolia, especially in the rural areas. As a small local museum, we faced a lot of problems in every time. I think, we also possible to implant that method to retain our cultural heritage as a modern and traditional form. Each of Speaker’s speech gives me a lot of new ideas and impression. I could use some of them in upcoming museum activities in our country, especially in conservation and restoration field. During the conference I exchanged experience with museum specialists in different fields. That was so nice. Moreover, the conference was well organized and stuffs were very polite. I hope, we could continue our collaboration in near future.