Pily Estrada

Estrada, Pily.jpg

Attending the CIMAM annual conference was an overall good experience. I had the opportunity to meet very experienced and driven professionals, and visit interesting exhibits and spaces in the host city.

I believe the format of the conferences was efficient and easy to follow. The daily keynote speaker and the thematic 3 presentations communicated the right amount of information for participants to digest and understand. The closing debate between the speakers of each session was also stimulating. In addition, the afternoon visits to museums and other spaces was enriching, as it allowed participants to observe the application of some of the different themes discussed.

I think the keynote speakers’ presentations were complete and motivating. The opening by Marina was a great way of putting the whole conference in context. Carolyn’s intelligence and spontaneity served as a reminder of why we work in culture and the changes we can make. Finally, Mari Carmen’s detailed presentation made us reflect about the contemporary importance of archives.

With a couple of exceptions, the perspective cases did not fully meet my expectations. Though the speakers are great professionals and many are doing an amazing job at their positions, I think most of the cases weren’t as inventive or different from what we have been seeing in the art world within the last few years. I know these kind of conferences are not made just to give answers, but to share experiences and ideas, so in that sense, I was expecting to listen to more innovative ways of thinking the museum in the 21st century and to obtain more useful tools to apply.

I feel truly grateful to have received the grant to attend this year’s CIMAM annual conference. Sharing and comparing experiences with the participants, as well as listening to such diverse viewpoints, was tremendously enriching as a young professional in a very demanding job.