Marly Joseph Desir

Desir, Marly Joseph.jpg

My attendance this year at CIMAM was made possible by the the Fundacion Cisneros/Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, without which I would have been unable to go.I am a curator working at the college la Renaissance Department Museum.

This conference was a particularly good time to hear keynote speakers and perspectives have given us the opportunity to discuss about The Museum and Its Responsibilities. I was able to learn about the problems that's facing the Museums in general.

It is impossible to mention all of the sessions that I enjoyed in a short summary, but I will mention a few standouts .The point of view of Dave Beech as "Money is controlling everything in Art "Crisis of the Museums in the world", "Some Museums receiving more fund than others"... the question is also about the geography of the Museum.

I had the chance to visit beautiful museums of contemporary art, the most spectacular the Museu National d'Art de Catalunya, the foundations, the most remarkable is the fundacion Antoni tapies
It was a moment for me to learn from others and to exchange with my colleagues, to make new acquaintances.
I will keep a great memory of this experience. A big thank you to the staff of CIMAM who managed the recipients well.