Magali Méndez de Castellón

Méndez de Castellón, Georgina Magali.jpg

I would like to thank Bartomeu Marí, President of the CIMAM, the committee of Executives, the organizer of CIMAM and Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, of the Fundación Cisneros, for making it possible for me to attendant this Conference. It has been a rich and a unique experience in which involved discussing issues of great sensitivity, all of which has added an important value to my personal and professional development. In the days spent here, there were talks of responsibility, and how responsibility has its own challenges in many countries, such as my own, El Salvador, where the gap between "priority" and cultural needs is so great, that it has become an antagonistic country. As a representative of my country, I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to express my interest of CIMAM, and how they have given our countries an opportunity to be able to show our art and our different cultural and artistic expressions. In addition, CIMAM has regenerated our energies, in which are often filled by frustration due to the weak political group and its opposition, which has allowed our country to create an opportunity for development, peace and hope.

In countries like mine, where much remains to be done, having hope requires responsibility. The acceptance of the past and desire to change today creates the heritage of tomorrow. It takes artistry to accurately represent a culture and showcase it in an exhibit at a museum. This involves giving access to those who are not able to be represented and allowing them to express themselves and showcase their talents. Exposing their differences is only one of the antidotes to social issues, migration, wars, poverty, violence and intolerance. Art becomes a universal language, a space of communication, learning, sensitivity and opportunity to assign non-existent words to what is in the hearts and minds of the people.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and having me as a candidate. My time spent with you, will serve as an invaluable asset to a country that needs its people to work together and contribute to overcome the enormous challenges of reconciliation, the fight against violence and despair. Please, do not cease in this effort. We stand with you.