Why should I go to Buenos Aires this year for the Annual Conference?

31 August 2023

CIMAM Annual Conference is not an occasion to only meet colleagues, but meet colleagues and learn from the situation, the concerns that everyone is bringing to the table, and the ideas and propositions that we hopefully will find together in those days. Chus Martínez

With this video by Chus Martínez, a member of the CIMAM Board and of the Conference Content Committee, we would like to thank all those professionals who have already reserved their place and will join us in Buenos Aires to talk about the future of social agency, heritage, and ethics in this context, which can energize a different imaginary of what is possible and the tools we have at our disposal to develop more inclusive, diverse, heard and productive languages.

Museo Moderno EXTERIOR 2.jpg
Courtesy of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Photo: Guido Limardo.

9–11 November 2023
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina

For the first time in CIMAM’s history, the Conference will focus on the social role of the art museum. This function lies at the natural heart of museum practices in Latin America, where many museums vigorously take up the mantle of responding to lesser developed economic contexts in which social disparity, inequality and discrimination are the order of the day. Cultural institutions in this region are highly experienced in collaborating with artists to position the arts as a vehicle for the development of the imagination, the expansion of concepts and forms of education, the production of communal and individual knowledge, and resistance to authoritarianism

Registrations for the 55th CIMAM Annual Conference are running out and we have opened a waiting list! If you are still interested in attending our major annual event please sign up on our waiting list.

Thank you all and see you soon in Buenos Aires!

Courtesy of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Photo: Guido Limardo.