Why is it important to highlight outstanding museum practices?

26 March 2024

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Open Call for Nominations for the Outstanding Museum Practice Award, 2024

From March 18 to August 30, you have the opportunity to point out the ways of working in modern and contemporary art museums that inspire you and the practices you think other professionals should know about.

Nominate for the CIMAM Outstanding Museum Practices Award those transformative actions that modern and contemporary art museums are taking to establish meaningful connections with individuals, communities, and their surrounding contexts, thereby effecting lasting structural changes in how museums operate.

Your contribution and nominations are very relevant!

Have you heard about OMA?

The Outstanding Museum Practice Award is one of CIMAM's initiatives, created in 2021 to recognize and give international visibility to exemplary museum practices within the modern and contemporary art museum sector and inspire the community of professionals it serves.

What does CIMAM deem as an outstanding museum practice?

OMPA seeks museum practices linked to managing, interpreting, and presenting exhibition programs and educational and outreach initiatives that provide relevant, sustainable, and collaborative content to create meaningful connections with people, communities, and their context, contributing to real structural change within the museum's operations.

Why should I nominate a museum practice for an OMPA?

Any professional involved in modern and contemporary art museums is encouraged to nominate a museum practice for the OMPA. By participating, you contribute to the identification of museum practices that have the potential to inspire the transformation of museums into more empathic, accessible, inclusive, diverse, flexible, and co-creative institutions. This nomination process aligns with our commitment to recognizing and celebrating initiatives that significantly contribute to the enhancement and ongoing development of the museum field. Your nomination plays a vital role in highlighting exemplary practices that can shape the future of the museum sector.

What has been considered outstanding in previous editions?

Boldness and creativity, as well as specificity and responsiveness to context. A commitment to evolving practices that embrace change and adaptation to remain relevant and impactful in the ever-changing cultural landscape has also been assessed. Additionally, the assertion of alternative models to contribute to structural change has been taken into consideration.

Who decides which practice deserves an OMPA?

The winner of the OMPA is chosen through a careful process that involves a working group within CIMAM. This group comprises museum directors from diverse continents who meticulously evaluate all nominations and create a shortlist. The shortlist is then presented to the Board, including 15 museum directors, artistic directors, and independent curators representing CIMAM's international community. The Board collectively decides which museum practice or practices should receive international recognition.

What happens if my museum wins an OMPA?

If your museum achieves an OMPA, it obtains international recognition and positions itself as an institution of reference to drive the sector toward a more responsive operating model. The announcement of the OMPA winner takes place during the General Assembly of the CIMAM Annual Conference and is widely disseminated on social networks, the official website, and the world press. In addition, throughout the year, the winning museum is actively involved in CIMAM programs, participating in webinar sessions to promote awareness of the recognized exemplary practice.

The awarded institutions or organizations will be offered a place at the forthcoming CIMAM annual conference.

*Please note that this ticket only includes entrance to the conference for one person from the museum and does not cover transportation and accommodation."

Nominate now an Outstanding Museum Practice Award for the 2024 edition!