OMPA 2024 Nomination Form

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Thank you for accessing the Outstanding Museum Practices Award platform.

The CIMAM Outstanding Museum Practice Award recognizes the incredible work being done in museums around the world.

The deadline to present nominations is the 30th of August, 2024.

It is dedicated to promoting excellence in innovation in modern and contemporary art museums, and to encouraging inclusive practices, innovative programming, public accessibility and exchange, and sustainability within the museum sector, and giving greater visibility to those practices that, independent from scale and level of resources, inspire us in their relevance and connection to people, communities, and context.

Nominating outstanding practices is an opportunity to celebrate the possibilities of museums that are making a real difference.

The institutions eligible for nomination are those who are committed and dedicated to modern and contemporary art and comply with the Museum Definition of ICOM. The members of the current CIMAM Board may not nominate any institution, and their institution may not submit any nomination.

To make your nomination clear and understandable to a broader audience, colleagues, and jury members, we kindly ask you to include precise information about why you consider your practice, project, or program you are nominating to be exemplary and inspiring for others, locally and globally.

The deadline to present nominations is the 30th of August, 2024