Welcome to CIMAM, Museum of Brisbane!

22 April 2021

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Renai Grace Director/CEO (Photo by Jono Searl), Alix Perry, Head of Programming, and Cathy de Silva, Head of Experience.

Museum of Brisbane has recently joined CIMAM as an Institutional Member. The museum also takes part in CIMAM's Free Admission Program that embraces more than 200 modern and contemporary art institutions and biennials worldwide, that offer free admission to our members.

About Museum of Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane is central to conversations about the evolving life of Brisbane, its histories and contemporary cultures. Housed within iconic Brisbane City Hall, MoB celebrates the creatives and history makers to deepen an understanding of place. We reflect Brisbane’s people and passions and its ever-evolving cultures. Museum of Brisbane is Brisbane City Council’s leading history and art museum, where you can experience our city’s vibrant culture.

We are pleased to have Renai Grace, Director/CEO, Alix Perry, Head of Programming, and Cathy de Silva, Head of Experience, among our members.

Clock Tower Tour, Museum of Brisbane.

About Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is available to museums, collections and organizations that are of museological relevance and have been open to the public for more than 5 years. They should be not for profit. They should demonstrate an appropriate governance structure in accordance with the ICOM definition of a museum, with key museum functions (collection, conservation, research, exhibition and mediation) undertaken by professionals.

Please read CIMAM’s membership criteria.

Thank you Museum of Brisbane for joining CIMAM!