Who are our Members?

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2023 CIMAM Annual Conference in Buenos Aires, Guido Limardo

CIMAM is the leading and only international network of experts in modern and contemporary art museums, with a membership program of more than 700 professionals from over 70 countries.

Individuals and Institutions Members of CIMAM agree with ICOM’s Code of Ethics, CIMAM’s Code of Ethics, and CIMAM Ethical Clauses of Governance. By being part of this organization, they show their commitment to the modern and contemporary art museum field and their alignment with the best standards in curatorial and museum ethical practices.

Our Members include directors and curators of modern and contemporary art museums, collections, and archives. In addition, independent researchers and curators specializing in contemporary art theory, collections, and museum practices are an integral part of our diverse community. Most of our Members' professional activities are closely related to the multiple functions of art museums.

Over the past decade, CIMAM's community has grown significantly, and recent global challenges have highlighted the importance of our online platform as a nexus of connectivity and support.

The profile of our Members:

  • 54% Museum directors and senior positions.
  • 30% Chief curators and curatorial positions
  • 8% Various museum functions
  • 8% Independent curators

CIMAM's mission is based on a strong commitment to guiding this distinguished group of international art museum directors and curators. Under the supervision of a Board composed of museum directors and curators, CIMAM fosters a strong, professional, and secure platform for dialogue and exchange through its wide range of programs tailored to the sector's evolving needs.

The essence of CIMAM lies in the contributions and exchanges among its members, which facilitate the sharing of perspectives, knowledge, and experiences.

As such, CIMAM values Members who exert influence within modern and contemporary art museums or who are actively engaged in furthering the missions of these institutions. Their experience and expertise are the cornerstone of CIMAM's initiatives, and leveraging the references and resources CIMAM offers is paramount to realizing our collective vision.