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12 January 2024

Melike Bayik. Photo by Alp Esin.
Melike Bayik. Photo by Alp Esin.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Melike Bayık works as independent curator, art writer, researcher and academician with the Baksı Museum, the Hitay Foundation, the EKSAV Foundation (Eldem Art Space), and the Yeditepe University, among other organizations. Her research areas generally include social issues, public space, urban justice-community rights, social equality, and sustainability. She holds a Master Degree in Arts and Cultural Management from Yeditepe University, Turkey, and she is a PhD candidate in Art History, Contemporary and Western Art History at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey.

“Due to the increasing integration of the international art world and evolving cultures, CIMAM's contribution to ongoing cultural activities and the art scene in every country is significant“.

"As a curator, researcher, and academic, I aim to become a member of CIMAM with the excitement of closely following the global art and culture world through international collaborations in my career. Establishing connections with art professionals from different countries, participating more frequently in various events such as discussions, panels, and meetings, and getting to know the global art world with all its variables and experts are valuable opportunities.

I am also excited about sharing our independent projects conducted at the Eldem Art Space, based in Eskişehir (EKSAV Foundation), and the initiatives we support for young art professionals at the Hitay Foundation. The prospect of contributing projects that support education and art publications internationally, and the exciting possibilities of collaborative creation in the global art and culture world, seem promising!"


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