Suhanya Raffel, President of CIMAM encourage you to join our organization

6 March 2024

Suhanya Raffel, Museum Director at M+ in Hong Kong and President of CIMAM invites museum professionals to join this international forum where museum directors, chief curators, and professionals of modern and contemporary art museums gather to discuss the most pressing issues facing us as a community.

CIMAM's vision is for a world where the cultural, social, and economic impact of modern and contemporary art museums, collections, and archives in society is widely recognized. To fulfill this vision, CIMAM's mission is to bring together directors and curators of these institutions and provide a reliable, international, and representative forum of communication to debate and share knowledge on issues of concern through key programs such as the CIMAM Annual Conference and the Rapid Response Webinars. Provide support aligned with the ethical values of the ICOM and CIMAM Code of Ethics and establish guidelines, protocols, and references of best practices through the Museum Watch Program, the Sustainability and Ecology in Museum Practice, and the Outstanding Museum Practice Award. And contribute to the sector's growth by facilitating cooperation and development through the Travel Grant Program.

Copia de CIMAM 2024 Programs

The organization relies on the collective expertise of its members to advance the sector and realize the shared vision. CIMAM's diverse membership includes museum directors and curators from around the world who contribute to the global landscape of modern and contemporary art museums. In 2023, CIMAM published its Code of Ethics, establishing the ethical standards and values guiding the organization's various programs to fulfill its mission. It also outlines how CIMAM engages with its different stakeholders to achieve its shared vision.

Stay tuned for news about CIMAM's programs and be involved in them by contributing your experiences and knowledge.