Madeleine Grynsztejn on the importance of being part of CIMAM

23 January 2024

During the last edition of the CIMAM Annual Conference held in Buenos Aires, we had the privilege of discussing with Madeleine Grynsztejn, the Pritzker Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Madeleine, a loyal member of CIMAM for many years, shared her valuable insights on the significance of being part of the only committee that represents directors and curators of modern and contemporary art museums today. She emphasized that now more than ever, museum work is about bridging different perspectives and bringing people from all over the world together on a platform where diverse and sometimes controversial opinions can be raised and debated.

The true essence of CIMAM is to provide an international network of colleagues who can share different perspectives on the debates shaping the modern and contemporary art museum sector. This is done in a safe environment where opinions and reflections can be exchanged, inspiring and suggesting best museum practices.

Join CIMAM now to discover the 12 benefits of being a part of the only global network for modern and contemporary art museum professionals:

  1. The only global professional network of Modern and Contemporary Art Museums: Be part of the only global network representing the collective interests of modern and contemporary art professionals.
  2. Free Admission Program: Receive an e-card to obtain free access to more than 200 museums, collections, and biennials worldwide.
  3. Voting Rights: Exercise your right to vote on crucial decisions, including the constitution of the Board of Directors and participation in the General Assembly.
  4. Nominate Outstanding Museum Practices: Take part in CIMAM's prestigious Outstanding Museum Practices Award by submitting a nomination.
  5. Exclusive discounts: Enjoy special discounts on attendance at the CIMAM Annual Conference, specific books, and industry programs.
  6. Global connectivity: Connect with more than 700 contemporary art professionals from around the world through CIMAM's Membership Directory. Appear in the Who's Who program and gain visibility.
  7. Take part in the Rapid Response Webinars: Free access to short, punchy webinars that address pressing concerns of the profession. Propose topics for discussion and even lead a webinar.
  8. Exclusive, up-to-date Job Opportunities: Post and explore job opportunities for curators, directors, and modern and contemporary art professionals.
  9. Conflict Situations Alerts and Assistance: Stay informed with CIMAM's Museum Watch alerts and newsletters, and share potential industry conflicts with the CIMAM Board to obtain their support.
  10. Awareness and Participation in Sustainable Museum Practices: Access and contribute to guidelines on museum best practices, such as the Toolkit on Sustainability in the Museum Practice and other research processes and reports.
  11. Make your voice heard: Send us research articles related to modern and contemporary museum practices for publication in the new program: The Prospective Series in Museum Practice.
  12. Networking Sessions: Virtual informal meetings scheduled in different timezones and auto-moderated by CIMAM members to discuss topics of common interest for the contemporary art museum community that will reinforce the sense of community and belonging to CIMAM by connecting members virtually.