Environmentally friendly CIMAM e-cards thanks to MuseumAnywhere

7 June 2023

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CIMAM 2022 Annual Conference Palma

We are proud to announce that it has been a year since, thanks to the generous sponsorship of MuseumAnywhere, CIMAM launched this environmentally friendly initiative of the digital and sustainable version of the PVC membership cards.

Museum Anywhere is 100% focused on mobile and web solutions for arts and cultural organizations. Through its products and services, strongly promotes the reduction of the carbon footprint of its products and services.

Why are CIMAM e-cards more environmentally friendly?



E-cards are a much better option for reducing paper use. This factor indirectly contributes to fewer trees being chopped down to make paper. In the case of CIMAM's e-cards, there is virtually no paper waste since everything is done via email.


E-cards do not require any shipping, so by choosing them instead of the paper ones, we reduce our carbon footprint. We can send e-cards to several recipients at once, reducing emissions and avoiding air pollution on the one hand and saving time and costs on the other.


Although many traditional cards could be recycled, large-scale recycling has a chance of 50% of such cards ending up in the trash. Therefore, the most effective measure to contribute to solving the serious problem of increased waste is to reduce it. E-cards offer the best solution to avoid the problem altogether. Since no paper is discarded, there is no need to worry about environmental impact or recycling.

The aforementioned features of e-cards demonstrate that they are indeed more environmentally friendly and play an important role for entities, especially for those like CIMAM that are committed to the global plan to combat climate change.

Likewise, your card will never be lost or stolen again! With this new measure, we make sure that our members are never without their cards and that it is always available on their mobile devices.


Thank you MuseumAnywhere!

We truly appreciate your support in this program.