Program Supporters


To achieve its mission, CIMAM undertakes a number of projects, such as Best Practices Guidelines for art institutions and professional individuals, the Museum Watch Program, Sustainability and Ecology in Museum Practice, the Outstanding Museum Practices Award, the Rapid Response Webinars, and the Travel Grant Program. The key event is the Annual Conference, which gathers members to debate relevant subjects, held annually in different cities worldwide.

CIMAM offers its Program Supporters a platform for international connection and a global communication channel that gives visibility to their projects and commitments to the world of art and culture.

The fifteen voluntary CIMAM Board members contribute to practical and strategic working groups that look to ensure global participation and perspective, acknowledge visionary practices, and address some of the more urgent challenges facing modern and contemporary museums today.

  • Museum Watch Program
  • Sustainability and Ecology in Museum Practice
  • Rapid Response Webinars
  • Annual Conference
  • Outstanding Museum Practices Award
  • Travel Grant Program
  • Membership Program

CIMAM is endlessly grateful for the generous contribution of its Program Supporters:

CIMAM 2023 Annual Conference
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, under the auspices of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
Fundación Ama Amoedo and Colección Amalita.
Fundación Proa.
Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires).
Asociación Amigos del Moderno.
Andrea Arditi Schwartz.
Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport.

CIMAM 2023 Travel Grant Funders

The Getty Foundation, Los Angeles
ArtHaus, Buenos Aires
Aimée Labarrere de Servitje, Mexico
Byucksan Cultural Foundation, Seoul
Eloisa Haudenschild, United States
Embassy of Brazil, Buenos Aires
Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Manila
Mercedes Vilardell, London/Mallorca
OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Oslo
Saastamoinen Foundation, Helsinki
SAHA – Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey, Istanbul
Samdani Art Foundation, Dhaka

Rapid Response Webinars 2023
The Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, USA

CIMAM e-card in-kind provider
MuseumAnywhere, Washington, USA

In supporting CIMAM, you will become a valuable ally in the fulfillment of its institutional mission. You will contribute to the defense and achievement of the best interpretation and experience of art and culture for society through museums and modern and contemporary art collections.

To support a CIMAM program, please contact any member of the Board or Inés Jover, Director of CIMAM Executive Office at

We look forward to working with new friends as we build for a future of even more extraordinary art and experiences in the museum world.