Claudio Engel

17 February 2021

Claudio Engel, President Fundación Engel.jpg

Claudio Engel, President of the Fundación de Arte y Cultura, Claudio Engel e Hijos is the first Chilean patron in the history of CIMAM. Claudio has faithfully supported our organization since 2017. Since the very first day, he has always shown absolute dedication to CIMAM, involving his team and sons in all the projects that CIMAM carries out. Their regular attendance at CIMAM's Annual Conferences has always added a new and interesting perspective to the discussions. We appreciate the confidence they have placed in CIMAM, and we are proud to share with our members this interview in which Claudio expresses his desire in supporting the art world and other latest news, such as their exciting project of building the Nuevo Museo NUMU in Santiago!

January 2021

What history and values have linked you to the art world and motivated you to support this sector?

I inherited my passion for art from my family, which considers education and culture crucial components of integral development. In fact, my first job was as an extra in the Hamburg Opera House at 12 years of age. Since that time, my interest for the different forms of artistic expression has only grown. I believe art enriches and shapes people’s visions and lives, it creates connections, challenges and transcendence in society.

Fundación Engel emerged as an initiative from me and my four children to promote and foster creation, knowledge and reflection around contemporary Chilean and Latin American art. This takes place primarily through the Engel Collection and its future museum in Chile, Nuevo Museo de Santiago (NuMu).

Nuevo Museo de Santiago- NUMU, Fundación Engel, Santiago de Chile.
Nuevo Museo de Santiago – NUMU, Fundación Engel, Santiago de Chile.

As son of European immigrants, I’m the first generation born in Chile. Fundación Engel and the museum project are a way to express thanks to the country that welcomed my family openly and generously in the 1930s. We believe our efforts contribute to the preservation of the local collective memory, the promotion of international contemporary creation and the expansion of access to the arts.

In your desire to support the art world, do you find in CIMAM an opportunity to recognize the work of professionals who strive to provide a platform for connection, understanding, and communication between art, artists, and their communities?

Definitely! CIMAM and its community has become a key element in our path to building our future museum, NuMu, because of the global network of experts in the field, the questioning the evolving needs of the contemporary museums, the co-operation between art institutions and individuals and the generous support of their members.

Nuevo Museo de Santiago- NUMU, Fundación Engel, Santiago de Chile.
Nuevo Museo de Santiago – NUMU, Fundación Engel, Santiago de Chile.

What is your mission to support the art sector and contemporary art museums in particular, and what results would you like to see your contribution achieve in the future?

Our mission is to collect, conserve, research, exhibit and publicize contemporary Chilean and Latin American art. Our main objectives include enriching public art heritage, expanding Chile's cultural offering, educating the public and awakening an interest in artists from the region; fostering recognition of cultural and artistic diversity and promoting collaboration and exchange among artists, professionals and international institutions across all fields of culture.

We hope the museum will become a live, dynamic entity that evolves alongside art and its diverse contemporary manifestations and expressions. The institution is envisaged not only as a space for exhibitions and gatherings but also as a laboratory for innovation and experimentation in the arts. We also aspire to become an architectural point of reference that consolidates the site where it is located (Bicentenario Park, Santiago, Chile), adds value to our architectural tradition and highlights the geography of the Santiago Valley.