CIMAM's Environmental Sustainability in Museum Practice Toolkit

21 July 2021

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Sustainability Action Plans by Museums

Almost everything can be reinvented, and looking at successful examples will give you the confidence to take the pledge and make the necessary changes in your institution.

TATE. Tate’s virtual first courier policy both for loans from collection and loans to exhibitions. This document is intended to offer guidance for ways of working to facilitate a virtual process for overseeing the movement of an artwork on loan to Tate or lent from Tate’s Collection. The detail given here provides an overview and offers ways of working that are intended to be readily adaptable rather than offering instruction.

Tate Courier: Principles and Guidelines

Tate: Realising a virtual courier

M+. Sustainability is a key pillar of M+. Our Impact Framework says: “We are committed to social and cultural wellbeing, and environmental and financial sustainability. We will continue to nurture our social and corporate responsibility while accelerating our response to climate change.” Now is the time for M+ to articulate a cohesive sustainability approach.

Australian Museum. The implementation of the Australian Museum’s Sustainability Action Plan has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and together with three strategic carbon offset programs the AM is proudly carbon neutral.


This toolkit produced thanks to the contributions of CIMAM Board members 2020–22, aims to help contemporary art museum professionals start implementing the necessary changes to become carbon neutral.

To view the complete toolkit document, visit: Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability in the Museum Practice