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11 May 2021

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We are an international group of specialists in the management of modern and contemporary art museums.

CIMAM is the only global community that represents the interests of modern and contemporary art museum professionals and aims to provide resources and communication platforms for the development of the museum activity.

Being part of the CIMAM community will boost your networking with leading professionals in the field of modern and contemporary art museums.

For only 50,00€/year (or 30,00€*) you will have free access to all of CIMAM's online programs, the membership directory that connects professionals from around the world, job opportunities, discounted rates for the Annual Conference, free admission to over 200 modern and contemporary art museums and biennials, and much more.

*Residents in countries listed as Emerging Market and Developing Economies.

Let us introduce you to the four main reasons to join CIMAM:


Be part of the CIMAM community and generate new contacts:

Joining the world's most recognized community of modern and contemporary art museum professionals will allow your institution to expand its international contacts and work within the framework of the best museum practices recognized by the international community. Let's embrace these values together!


Your example, your experiences, and your opinion matter to us:

We are more than 550 directors and curators working in museums, collections, and modern and contemporary art archives. Our projects and initiatives aim to generate debate to foster cooperation between art institutions and individuals in different contexts worldwide. This is the best way we can contribute to the growth of the sector. Will you join our mission?


Supported by key industry thought leaders and respected programs throughout the international community:

CIMAM Board Members develop practical and strategic programs to advocate for and address some of the most pressing challenges facing our professional community. These include the Sustainability and Ecology in Museum Practice Program, the Museum Watch Program, the Travel Grant Program, and the Annual Conference. As a CIMAM member, you will be able to vote, take part in the programs, browse and post jobs, share your opinions and articles, and receive support from the international community which CIMAM represents.


Always being connected:

By connecting all professionals in virtual platforms to share experiences, exchange opinions, and generate debates on the most relevant issues of interest, CIMAM can offer a range of international best examples that will serve you as a frame of reference and support to lead our institutions.

Get to know the 10 main benefits of belonging to CIMAM.

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Join CIMAM and get involved in a unique networking and inspiring process, which will culminate in a meeting in Poland at the end of the year during our Annual Conference, a unique occasion to strengthen your contacts with key opinion leaders in our sector.

In such a difficult time for our profession, we encourage you to remain united and to continue learning from each other with optimism and imagination to overcome this crisis.