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1 March 2024

Esra Özkan
Esra Özkan

"Since 2011, I have been a participant in the art industry. I have specialised in the subject of digital arts since 2015. I am the founding director and curator of the first digital art museum in Turkey. With a foundation in Contemporary Art, I made the transition to digital arts and combine these two disciplines. As a curator who continues to specialise in the field, I believe that CIMAM's community and vision will play an important role in the development of my career".

Esra Özkan, Independent Digital Art Curator, Istanbul, Turkey.

"My area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and Bio-art, and I have been doing my recent research projects on these subjects. My curatorial practice focuses on the raw material to highlight cognitive experiences created by interdisciplinary artists using emerging new technologies. I frequently collaborates with interdisciplinary artists/technologists who deal with the social problems caused by emerging technologies".

About Esra

Esra Özkan is an independent digital art curator known for her expertise in immersive and emerging technology art. Since 2011, she has been involved in various departments of galleries, museums, and festivals, participating in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. Özkan’s curatorial and academic writings combine philosophy with post-digital terminology and the effects of post-human concepts in interdisciplinary arts. Her unique approach explores the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds, pushing traditional art forms. Her writings offer insightful insights into the intersection of philosophy, technology, and art, making her a leading figure in the field of immersive and emerging technology art. As a curator, she continues to push boundaries and explore new possibilities for showcasing digital art in innovative and immersive ways.


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