COVID-19: Important information and travel guidelines

View of MS1 - Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz. Photo by Rafał Tom, czyk_@4wymiar

Safety and prevention protocol

CIMAM’s Hosting Institutions in Poland have developed a set of safety and prevention protocols against the Covid-19 with proactive and responsible measures to ensure that your event takes place with maximum guarantees. Our priority is the safety of all attendees. The protocols will be updated following the instructions of the authorities.

  • Use of face masks

Use of face masks is compulsory at the venues, except in specific parts of the catering area.

  • Social distancing

Spaces and access control, flows, and capacities designed to ensure social distancing between people at the auditoriums, the visits to exhibitions, and transportation by bus, if needed.

  • Sanitizing stations

Deployment of hand sanitizing stations with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers throughout the venue.

  • Disinfection and cleaning

Reinforcement of the cleaning and disinfection protocols to fully guarantee the attendees’ safety.

  • Reinforced ventilation

Improvement of the ventilation system by means of the use of antibacterial filters and increased air renewal frequency.

  • Catering

Reinforcement of hygienic-sanitary controls in all catering services.

Delivery of the food in individual units both on the premises and at the stands.

Redistribution of spaces at catering points to ensure social distancing.

Due COVID-19 ever-changing regulations and travel restrictions, please check the latest news on the official website of the Republic of Poland:

All travelers staying in the territory of Poland are entitled to healthcare services and sanitary-epidemiological tests related to the fight against diseases, infections, and infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

These rules also apply to people who do not have Polish citizenship and do not have health insurance rights.

CIMAM delegates staying in Poland, insured in an EU or EFTA country, invariably have the right to health benefits in kind provided by service providers who have an agreement with the National Health Fund. In line with the coordination of the social security systems of the EU / EFTA Member States.

The scope of this right depends on the nature of the person's stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland and the type of document that a given person holds. Most often it is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the Certificate Temporarily Replacing the EHIC. They confirm the entitlement to the necessary benefits in kind during a stay in a Member State other than the competent one. It does not matter if it is due to an accident or an infectious disease. The doctor selects the services appropriate to the medical reasons and duration of stay. Benefits are provided on the terms that apply to persons insured in the country of stay. Therefore, the patient may be charged a part of the costs in accordance with the law of the state in which he is located. Even though he has a card.

COVID-19 PCR test centers in Poland


Provincial Medical Rescue Station, Sienkiewicza 137/141 Street,

+ 48 887 873 195

Clinical Medicine Center, Żeromskiego 52 Street

+48 502 660 480, +48 607 705 607


COPERNICUS, Powstańców Warszawskich 1-2 Street

+48 518 072 364

COPERNICUS, Jana Pawła II 50 Street

+48 515 200 331

University Clinical Center, Wita Stwosza 55 Street

+58 727 05 05


Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska dla Pracowników Wojska SPZOZ w Warszawie

Nowowiejska 31 Street

+48 662097317

Narodowy Instytut Zdrowia Publicznego - Państwowy Zakład Higieny

Powsińska 61/63 Street

+ 48 22 550 96 92

Laboratoria Medyczne Grupa ALAB, Fieldorfa 10 Street

+48 22 349 11 97

Grupa Zdrowie, Karola Szymanowskiego 8/113 Street

+48 784 927 998

CIMAM reserves the right to cancel the on-site events of the Annual Conference if the international situation due to COVID-19 worsens, and mobility restrictions make it impossible to hold the event in person. In this case, the CIMAM Annual Conference would be scheduled entirely virtually.