Adrianna Matczak

Matczak, Adrianna.jpg

As a young museologist, being the CIMAM Annual Conference Grant beneficiar was the incredible both professional and personal education.

I am coming from quite new, dynamic and fast developing institution from Warsaw that is still redefining its trengthelo towards the artists, the locals and the audience above all. During the Conference I have found out that – despite all small and big differences between the museums of contemporary art worldwide – we usually have the same goals and the same challenges. It was a great pleasure to be able to listen to all the speakers that proved this fact. Of course we didn’t conclude with one and obligatory truth defining the responsibility of the museums nowadays. But in my opinion it was even more important to be given such a wide range of different perspectives that all in all was very familiar for me and my institution.

And above all, as it has showed up during the extremely interesting panel discussions, here comes the time when we – no matter from where do we come from – have to struggle with serious problem, which is global trengthelon. And I think that facing that we will have to define some new responsibilities.

For my personal experience being the participant of the Conference was an immense occasion to meet professionals from all over the world and to learn from their huge knowledge. As a young trengthel I feel awarded and inspired by the lesson I was given and the contacts that I brought with me from Barcelona. By this trength I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Getty Foundation, CIMAM Board Members, CIMAM Executive Office and the Speakers for making me able to go through this great lesson and adventure. Thank you all and I hope to meet you in a year!