About the Toolkit on Sustainable Museum Practices

In this video message, Clara Kim, Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA, and a member of the CIMAM Board and The Sustainability Working Group, highlights the availability of various resources for museum professionals to adopt more sustainable practices in museum management in the updated Toolkit on Sustainable Museum Practices by CIMAM.

These resources include examples of good practices, reading materials, and organizations that can assist in transitioning towards more environmentally and socially responsible museum management models.

CIMAM aims to periodically add new resources, ideas, and examples to inspire the community towards more environmentally friendly and community-oriented museum practices.

Stay updated and share any examples of sustainable museum practices with CIMAM!

Toolkit on Sustainability in the Museum Practice

The CIMAM toolkit aims to assist professionals in contemporary art museums to adopt sustainable practices in their institutions and personal work. It aims to facilitate the necessary changes to promote social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

The toolkit comprises the following sections on environmental, social, and economic sustainability aspects in museum practices:

(1) Examples of Immediate Actions

(2) Sustainability Action Plans

(3) Carbon Footprint Calculators and Certificates

(4) Sustainability Consultants

(5) Inspiring Projects, Platforms, and Resources

(6) Reading List

This Toolkit will be updated periodically with new strategies, ideas, and resources as they emerge in the museum sector to help institutions move towards environmental, social, and economic sustainability to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

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