“Women have become more and more evident in leadership roles"

1 February 2021

Frances Morris. Goethe.png

We are thrilled to share with our members the following video from Goethe Institute within the framework of the: Cultures of Equality: Women in Leadership, WOMEN WORKING IN CULTURE NETWORK.

From facing initial resistance to launching a new reality, women working in arts and culture have had a profound impact on cultural institutions and their working environment over the years. Not only have female cultural practitioners contributed to the transformation of societies, but also the growing number of women in leading positions.

“Women have become more and more evident in leadership roles within cultural organisations. And I think that has had a slow, but very profound effect on the values we work with and the systems and structures we work within”

Frances Morris, CIMAM Board Member, and Director, Tate Modern, London.

In order to share and discuss innovative aspects of female leadership and empowerment, an international group of female leaders regularly comes together for the Women Working in Culture Network. The network was initiated by the Goethe-Institut in Europe.

Listen to Frances Morris in this 3-minute video: