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21 January 2022

Photo by Maja Argakjieva.

About Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

The Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje is the first museum of contemporary art in The Balkans, and a symbol of solidarity. The catastrophic earthquake which struck Skopje in 1963, awakened the world’s solidarity, not only materially for the city in ruins, but also in lifting the spirits of those affected. Many world renowned artists donated their work and began building the collection of the Museum. At present, the Museum's collection stewards works by Picasso, Calder, Jasper Johns, Vasarely, Chto Delat, Jonas Staal and many others, amounting to the largest and most diverse collection in the region. Tasked with discovering, nurturing and establishing the values of contemporary culture, MoCA Skopje continuously strives to strengthen the connection between the domestic and international scenes.

Nowadays, through its diverse programme of exhibitions, lectures, artist talks, and its publications, MoCA Skopje restlessly continues its mission of discovering and fostering the artistic values of the present and future, and growing into a vibrant social and discursive place. It continues to engage its environment, nurturing the artistic curiosity of the public and elevating the visit to the museum to an everyday activity.

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Photo by Maja Argakjieva.

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