Welcome to CIMAM, Chau Chak Wing Museum!

3 November 2023


The Chau Chak Wing Museum has recently joined CIMAM as an Institutional Member. The museum also takes part in CIMAM's Free Admission Program that embraces more than 200 modern and contemporary art institutions and biennials worldwide, that offer free admission to our members.

About the Chau Chak Wing Museum

Located on Gadigal land, in the heart of the University of Sydney, the Chau Chak Wing Museum is a hub for sharing the university's extensive collections with the wider community.

Its origins can be traced back to the Nicholson Collection of Antiquities, established in 1860. Over time, the museum's collection expanded to encompass the Macleay Collections, comprising natural history specimens, cultural and scientific objects, historic photography, and the University Art Collection. Officially opened in 2020, the museum was thoughtfully designed by Johnson Pilton Walker. Its primary purpose is to unify these diverse collections within one multidisciplinary institution. Through this, the museum effectively tripled the previously available exhibition space, providing greater accessibility. Remarkably, approximately 70 percent of the objects on display have not been seen for over two decades, offering visitors a rare opportunity to view these collections. The museum's collections traverse various cultures and periods, ranging from ancient civilisations such as Rome, Greece, and Egypt, to the cultures of the First Nations peoples worldwide, with natural history collections and works by prominent contemporary artists. Embodying a cultural and artistic creativity centre, the Chau Chak Wing Museum welcomes all individuals to engage with its collections. It is a testament to the university's commitment to education, research, and celebrating human creativity and heritage.

About Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is available to museums, collections and organizations that are of museological relevance and have been open to the public for more than 5 years. They should be not for profit. They should demonstrate an appropriate governance structure in accordance with the ICOM definition of a museum, with key museum functions (collection, conservation, research, exhibition and mediation) undertaken by professionals.

Please read CIMAM’s membership criteria.

Thank you Chau Chak Wing Museum for joinning CIMAM!