Welcome to CIMAM, Haus de Kunst!

25 January 2021


"Something that we shall address through such relevant international platform is the need to change the parameters’ art institutions will be judged for, which are not necessarily numbers any longer, but also forms of kindness, cultural proximity, and a real force in experimenting."

Andrea Lissoni, Artstic Director, Haus der Kunst, Munich.

Haus der Kunst has recently joined CIMAM as an Institutional Member. The museum also takes part in CIMAM's Free Admission Program that embraces more than 200 modern and contemporary art institutions and biennials worldwide, that offer free admission to our members.

About Haus der Kunst


Haus der Kunst is a non-collecting public museum and a key global center for contemporary art. It is dedicated to the exploration of the diverse histories of contemporary art based on a foundation of focused exhibitions, research, and education.

Through its programs, Haus der Kunst affirms and acknowledges that the trajectories of contemporary art are global, multifocal, polysemic, and unbounded by cartographic, conceptual, and cultural limits.

Haus der Kunst sharpens this perspective of contemporary art by implicating many viewpoints, deploying multiple tools, and developing a critical context for the examination, articulation, illumination, and transmission of the historical dimension of contemporaneity. Haus der Kunst achieves this through a culturally relevant interdisciplinary program of the highest artistic merit.

About Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is available to museums, collections and organizations that are of museological relevance and have been open to the public for more than 5 years. They should be not for profit. They should demonstrate an appropriate governance structure in accordance with the ICOM definition of a museum, with key museum functions (collection, conservation, research, exhibition and mediation) undertaken by professionals.

Please read CIMAM’s membership criteria.

Thank you Haus der Kunst for joining CIMAM!