We are pleased to welcome iLiana Fokianaki to CIMAM

24 November 2023

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iLiana Fokianaki, director Kunsthalle Bern. Founding director, State of Concept Athens, Greece

"Joining museum professionals from all over the world, whom I would otherwise not meet, will help me learn from different methodologies and strategies in how to develop programs and exhibitions that discuss and carry out a position close to my heart: Édouard Glissant’s idea of the museum as archipelago. A position that is informed by the multitude of perspectives that exist in the world and that takes into account that museums gather, nourish and nurture cultural practices that engage various audiences. Furthermore, as it often happens when professionals gather, we exchange and introduce to one another artistic paradigms and practices that we are following and are enthusiastic about, something which I always found an extremely rewarding part of our work, since artists are a cornerstone of what I do and why I do it.”

iLiana Fokianaki, director Kunsthalle Bern. Founding director, State of Concept Athens, Greece

iLiana Fokianaki is a cultural theorist and curator and the director of Kunsthalle Bern (commencing April 2024). She is the founding director of institution State of Concept.

Her research focuses on formations of power and how they manifest under the influence of geopolitics, national identity and cultural and anthropological histories. Since 2019 she has embarked on a long-term research on care and how its politics and ethics are related to institutional building and cultural practicing through an eco-conscious perspective.


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