The book "The Complex Answer" by Chus Martínez is now available!

29 November 2023

Chus Martinez The Book.png
The Complex Answer, by Chus Martínez

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Complex Answer, a suggestive collection of texts by Chus Martínez, a CIMAM Board member and Director at the Institute Art Gender Nature in Basel. Published by Sternberg Press, this book presents an exercise on how the practice of art and exhibition-making has been influenced by philosophical thought.

The selection of texts spanning from 2010 to 2021, offers an immersive experience in the evolution of art influenced by deep philosophical reflections. Martinez's work presents art as an intelligence that enacts thought and activates experience as a powerful epistemological force that slowly erodes and, eventually, erases the culture-nature divide.

Although the texts have been published before, Martinez gives them a unique twist by re-editing and rewriting them in part. This creates a compelling dramaturgy and emphasizes the central thesis: art as a dynamic intelligence shaped by ideas and the evolution of new notions, thinking through aesthetic and epistemological experiences.

One of the essays included in this book is the iconic The Octopus in Love, and you can read it here:

Don't miss the opportunity to delve into the rich reflections of "The Complex Answer."