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2 August 2021

Shanghai Seoul October 2004 059.jpg
CIMAM 2004 Annual Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea

This photo has been shared with us by David Elliott, Former President of CIMAM 1998-2004 and currently Honorary Member of CIMAM.

This is CIMAM's 2004 in Seoul! How many CIMAM Annual Conferences have you attended?

Contribute to the history of CIMAM by sending us your good memories and photos. CIMAM is building its visual history and encourages all its members and followers who have participated in any of the last 52 Annual Conferences to share old photographs and documents that serve as testimony to tell our story.

With almost 60 years of existence, CIMAM wants to recall the extraordinary trajectory of an organization founded in 1962 that has witnessed the evolution of modern and contemporary art museums and collections through its more than 50 annual conferences and a growing community of professionals.

Today we call all our members to help us look back and contribute to the history of CIMAM by sharing old photos and other graphic memories with us to build CIMAM's visual memory.

We count on you to share with us key historic, memorable, exciting, and anecdotal moments in our history. Send us your good memories and photos to

We would be grateful to receive your materials by 30 September 2021.