"The question of success is not the volume of numbers but the quality of the interaction you can have with your audiences"

27 November 2020


"The question of success is not the volume of numbers but the quality of the interaction you can have with your audiences. We have an excellent education department, great programs dealing and working intensely with various communities, and now, with the pandemic situation, these values are accepted by the city and by the media much more easily. The question of numbers is not a question anymore."

Ivet Curlin/WHW Collective, Vienna, and panelist at CIMAM's Rapid Response Webinar #6: How Should Museums be Defining 'Success’ in a Time of COVID?


As we are now more than half a year into living with the global pandemic CIMAM would like to invite its members into an open peer to peer reflection on what we have collectively learnt in the Museum sector, what the future looks like, and the nature of contemporary art museums that will emerge out of this.

Recent surveys by museum associations in Europe and United States show that the future viability of many museums is under threat as a result of the pandemic and economic crisis. Museums have reported fundamental changes in their audiences, programmes and income sources which will require radical new solutions. Should museums “adopt” to a new reality by simply downsizing to a smaller scale and less ambitious programming or should they develop new models and metrics for ‘success’ which are appropriate to our current context? Which of the institutional practices that have been already tested during last months might stay with us beyond the current pandemic and what potentials can be found for new forms of engagement with audience and artists?

Rapid Response Webinars

The CIMAM board has designed a program of Rapid Response Webinars that will allow CIMAM members to continue discussing the most urgent concerns and questions affecting the modern and contemporary art museum community at this time. This initiative responds to CIMAM’s spirit and commitment to be a platform for global discussion, a space for sharing and connecting, for learning and encouraging cooperation.

Rapid Response Webinars are held every last Thursday of the month moderated by board members at different time zones and guests. They aim to provide short capsules on urgent concerns for the profession throughout the year.

Rapid Response Webinars are free of cost and accessible only for CIMAM members. Sessions are recorded and posted at the Members Only section of the CIMAM website for those who missed the time.

Watch Rapid Response Webinars

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