Engagement Program for International Curators

27 September 2018


Applications due Mon, Nov 5 at 12pm

The Association of Art Museum Curators Foundation’s Engagement Program for International Curators is currently accepting applications for non-US based curators (International Awardees) and US-based curators (US Liasons) - working on or having worked within exhibitions and projects that explore historic American Art (c. 1500-1980) - that we will pair for a year-long partnership, beginning January 2019.

Each International Awardee is paired with a US Liaison for a year-long partnership (beginning January 2019) dedicated to professional development and exchange in areas of advancement including but not limited to research, project management, leadership development, cross-border exhibitions, loans, fundraising, marketing, dealer and donor relationships. Two pairings are awarded each year.

The Program includes travel funding for Awardees, a participant stipend for US Liaisons, networking, and other benefits, which are outlined in greater detail by following this link: http://bit.ly/IntlEngagement