Call for Proposals: Temporary Art Exhibition

2 July 2019

Godot Institute of Contemporary Art / Godot Kortárs

Godot Gallery celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019. This occasion will mark the opening of the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art with its exhibition area of 1000 square meters. Building on its independent status, the sole purpose of this private initiative is to provide space for artistic creativity, to allow for the free exchange of ideas and their genuine artistic realization.

Detailed description of the project

Godot I.C.A. is looking forward to receiving large-scale exhibition designs that are progressive, unique, contemporary, and attractive to the general public.

The aim of this competition is to provide a venue for those talented curators and art groups who have not yet had the opportunity to realize their ideas.

The jury of the Godot Gallery will select winning proposals and work together with the winners in the realization of their projects.

The Godot Institute of Contemporary Art will provide accommodation and atelier during the working process and the financial resources as indicated in the application, in addition to the organizational, operational, and marketing costs.

Call for Proposals: Godot Gallery - Godot Nonprofit Kft.

Deadline for submission of applications: 15 September 2019, 12.00 (And it is open continously)

(Applications may be submitted from the date of the call, 26 March 2019)

Candidates: curators, art groups, artists

Timeframe of realization: 2020-2025 (depending on career plan, based on personal consultation)

Location: Godot Institute of Contemporary Art (Godot I.C.A.)

Address: Hungary - Budapest, 1036 Fényes Adolf Street 21.

Application categories

Applications can be submitted in 3 categories depending on the scale of the budget planned for the project. There can be several winners in one category. An applicant may apply for several categories.

Category 1: The planned cost of the exhibition is EUR 3.000.

Category 2: The planned cost of the exhibition is EUR 10.000.

Category 3: The planned cost of the exhibition is EUR 15.000.

Language of the submission form is English or Hungarian.

Submission form: pdf / word 30 Mb, jpg 10 Mb format including the following information

  1. Applicant's name
  2. Budget category
  3. Applicant's professional biography
  4. Short professional biography of the artist (s) to be presented at the exhibition
  5. The professional concept of the project (3000-5000 characters)
  6. Structure of the project: LINK
  7. Project budget:

- Total cost of installing the exhibition (installation, professional materials, technical, technical tools, production costs for new artworks)

- Shipping and related insurance

- travel expenses (for setting up and dismantling the exhibition by exhibitor and professional / technical staff)

- Honorarium for the curator and the exhibitor

- Amount allocated to cover unforeseen costs (5% of costs)

- Do not include costs of Godot I.C.A. (utility charges, storage, official licenses, etc.) and costs related to marketing communications, unless they are - due to the special nature of the project - different from normal

  1. Timetable for the exhibition’s realization for 2020-25. When is it realistic to plan the implementation of the project? how much time is needed to prepare? how long is the construction period?

After reviewing the applications, the jury will invite the applicant to present their projects.

Personal data submitted will be handled in accordance with GDPR rules.

We are looking forward to receiving the application materials at Indicate in the subject: Godot I.C.A. curatorial competition 2019

Further information


For inquiries, please contact

We wish you a successful application!

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