Mina’s Children Project at Metrohan with Collective “Healing”

6 March 2023


Mina’s Chidren Project, one of the ongoing projects under the umbrella of the Turkish Association of University Women, will be at Metrohan (whose restoration is still in process) with Collective “Healing” in collaboration with Istanbul Metropol Municipality. The Collective “Healing” Program, besides an art exhibition curated by Ayça Okay, which will include the works of artists who create in International scale, will also include a collective public program of talks, workshops and experience gatherings. Mina’s Children, with Collective “Healing” will support those young University women who have difficulties of housing and reaching the education programs at the earthquake zone, with the donations made throughout the exhibition.

Mina’s Chilren Project, with it’s mission of contributing to the collective awareness by focusing on daily social problems, has been continuing for 3 years with such projects as Bodrum-Collective “Memory” and Trabzon-Collective “Reflection” projects. This time, the Project will continue to meet the citizens of Istanbul with it’s Collective “Healing” exhibition and series of parallel events within the TAUW Istanbul Branch and IBB’s 100th Year of the Republic Project. Mina’s Children Project, which is under the umbrella of Turkish Association of University Women’s Istanbul Branch, will use the donations made throughout the Collective “Healing” Exhibition and the series of parallel events, by providing scholarships to those young university women students effected by the earthquakes, in order to solve their housing problems and to provide uninterrupted education. As per previous Mina’s Chilren projects which have always used modern art to shed a light on the daily problems and to create public awareness, the curator of the Collective “Healing” exhibition of Mina’s Children, Ayça Okay, has designed Metrohan’s multifractional architectural layout as the healing center while keeping open the discussions of functionality of various art locations and creations during the periods of crisises.

After the earthquake disasters, Mina’s Children Project which had taken a full year of research based preparations focusing on the daily problems faced by women with exhibitions and public programs, this time aims to create awareness and provide a long term and uninterrupted support system for the effected young university women students’ problems of housing and accessibility to education, by way of modern art.

Voices of “Healing” will raise from Metrohan

Metrohan, located at an area of gathering places of masses and being a witness to the history of Istanbul, will be a center for Collective “Healing” for a month, encompassing the World Women’s Day on the 8th of March and will host discussion subjects, such as public gender inequality, creating awareness, healing of traumas etc. which effects many different layers of the public, and search for ways of healing. The exhibition curated by Ayça Okay will draw the attention to the problems “women” face, with the creations of 19 national and international artists. During the series of parallel events, various meditative sound experiences, talks, archive studies and phschological analysis groups (companies) will meet with Istanbul citizens.

Mina’s Children Project, a social responsiblity project in essense performed by the educated and empowered young university women students with scholarships to enlighten the needy chidren between the ages of 10-14 during which the seeds of curiosity and fundemental views are formed and who will in turn be the examplary and powerful adults of the future, this time will support the young women students of the universities who are face to face with housing and uninterrupted education problems because of the latest earthquakes.

Contributors to the public program preparetions of the Collective “Healing” Exhibition are; Ethiopia’s modern ZOMA Museum, famous for it’s world reknown vernacular architecture, Turkonfed, Baltaş Group, TAUW, Endeavor, Mindfullness Institute and Meditopia.

The Collective “Healing” Program includes the creations of following artists; Hoda Tawakol, Alicia Framis, Mehtap Baydu, Saelia Aparicio, Silva Bingaz, Roslyn Orlando, Neriman Polat, Nancy Atakan, İnci Eviner, Nergiz Yeşil, Büşra Çeğil, Lara Ögel, Zeyno Pekünlü, Deniz Hartık, Leyla Emadi, Leyla Gediz, MADEYOULOOK, as well as a video from Tracey Emin belonging to the Julia Stocheck Collection and toys from the Istanbul Toy Museum collection. Visitors can also experience an Artificial Intelligence based psychotheraphy session provided by Sigmund Freud “bot” Character AI initiative at the venue which has been designed as the Collective “Healing” Center.

The Collective”Healing” Exhibition and the parallel event series of Mina’s Children Project will be available to Public for a whole month with the supports of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and TAUW, and the Openning will be on March 1st, 2023. The exhibition and the parallel events will be open all week from 10:00 to 19:00, except Mondays.

Kolektif İyileşme-2749.jpg
Kolektif İyileşme

Notes to the Editor:

Turkish Association of University Women (TAUW) has been founded on December 19, 1949 in Ankara by the first and foremost educated and modern women university graduates of the Turkish Republic such as Süreyya Ağaoğlu, Sara Akdik, Şevket Fazıla Giz, Pakize Tarzi. One of the most esteemed Women Organizations, it has 26 branches throughout Turkiye. TAUW Istanbul Branch, provides young university women students means for them to become well educated, successful and socially aware individuals of the future with educational support from experienced and specialized lecturers; language courses such as English and French by volunteer teachers; creating oppotunities to visit opera, balet, theatre performances, museums and various exhibitions to enable them to reach a wholesome education and become individuals who are economically independent, ready to take their place in decision making processes, qualified and equipped, as well as encouraging them to work voluntarily for various social welfare projects of the organization under the Istanbul Branch, to help raise their awareness.

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