For Members Only. Your Vote is Important

24 October 2018

In accordance with the current Bylaws, last May the Board announced that an Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly would be held at Kulturhuset, Stockholm on November 4, 2018, during the CIMAM Annual Conference to endorse the proposed changes to the Bylaws.

The online voting period for approving the changes to the Bylaws will open on October, 25 until November 3, 2018, at CIMAM’s Members Only section. Voting in person will be available on November 4 during the Extraordinary General Assembly.

The board encourages the participation of all CIMAM members though casting their votes to approve the amendments to the CIMAM bylaws.

Vote online October, 25 – November 3, 2018 Members Only

Final version of the CIMAM Bylaws