Manuel Borja-Villel's departure of the MNCARS

2 February 2023

Manolo Borja Villel.png

Manuel Borja-Villel unexpectedly announced two weeks ago that he would not seek another mandate as Director of MNCARS/Reina Sofia. Over his eminent 15 years at the helm, he built this institution to become an international point of reference, developing a position that has influenced and shaped debates, perspectives and established what the possibilities of a major contemporary art museum should be in society. Parallel to his decision to step down as Director, there has been a targeted media campaign against him and the institution by some elements of the Spanish media.

As a result, there are many initiatives and letters of support, both within Spain and internationally including one by our Benelux colleagues who have also formulated a letter as an homage.

CIMAM is proud that Manuel Borja-Villel is an honorary member and former President. His distinguished contribution is recognized by his peers in our museum community. As President of CIMAM, I wish to express our gratitude for the innovative work he has been doing, through the many programs, exhibitions, and collections he has built that ensured the MNCARS/Reina Sofia to be the globally recognized institution we all celebrate.

CIMAM wishes Manuel Borja-Villel our continued support and sincere well wishes for his future endeavors and looks forward to seeing the MNCARS/Reina Sofia build on this substantial principled legacy.

Suhanya Raffel
President of CIMAM
Director, M+, Hong Kong