International Museum Day 2021

18 May 2021

CIMAM day 4-356.jpg

On International Museum Day, CIMAM wants to acknowledge and highlight the relevant role and essential function that museums represent for society and their communities.

With projects such as Why should museums remain open and operational? and Outstanding Museum Practices in a Time of Global Crisis, CIMAM called its international membership to share the arguments on why museums should always remain open and operational on one side, and on the other, to promote the exemplary work done by the professionals working in museums during this time of crisis. These two projects remain live and available as a platform so that professionals who watch over the integrity of modern and contemporary art museums can continue to share reflections, ideas, and examples of good practices.

And during these times of global crises, CIMAM’s Museum Watch offers support to contemporary art museum professionals and institutions dealing with critical situations that undermine their ability to undertake their professional practice. For them, the Museum Watch platform provides a framework of support, solidarity, and where necessary activism to support CIMAM Members and our wider network of international colleagues.

For all, and to guarantee a sustainable future for modern and contemporary art museums, CIMAM continues to work to represent the contemporary art museum needs, sharing best practices, promoting the exchange of examples and experiences, and reinforcing a valuable network of professional contacts.