International Museum Day 2020

18 May 2020

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While the global health crisis continues to affect the art sector, CIMAM acknowledges the powerful role of the museum as a mirror of the spirit of the times; a valuable mechanism fostering continuous change in our everyday life.

Organized by ICOM under the theme Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion, the International Museum Day 2020 aims at becoming a rallying point to both celebrate the diversity of perspectives that make up the communities and personnel of museums, and champion tools for identifying and overcoming bias in what they display and the stories they tell.

In the words of Mami Kataoka, President of CIMAM: “Museums provide an important opportunity for human beings to appreciate art and beauty, to encounter both the familiar and the unfamiliar, to contemplate the meaning of life and death, to imagine the future by learning from the past, and to recognize ourselves in others. It is our responsibility as professionals in the global community for museums of modern and contemporary art to confront and overcome this situation through solidarity.”[1]

As we celebrate this day, we thank all the museums around the world for their essential work and invite them to join CIMAM!

[1] Preparing for the New Everyday. A letter by Mami Kataoka, President, and the Board of CIMAM.

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