ICOM-IMREC’s seminar: Museums, decolonisation and restitution

10 March 2023


On March 20th and 21st, the ICOM International Research and Exchange Centre (ICOM-IMREC) puts Museums, Decolonisation and Restitution in the spotlight.

Issues of emerging significance for the world’s museums are the core of ICOM-IMREC’s work. Through an expert seminar of academics and museum practitioners from across the globe, ICOM-IMREC will examine the challenges, opportunities, implications and impacts of decolonising museums and returning objects.

The seminar takes place in Shanghai over two full days from 9:00 am-5:00 pm CST. On Monday, March 20th, keynote papers, sessions and panels will explore how decolonising museums impacts institutional structure, intellectual frameworks, power-sharing with communities and professional practice. The programme on Tuesday, March 21st examines the impact of restitution on communities, the role of legal systems and policy frameworks, the part that digital is playing and a critical look at some successful repatriation projects. Save the date to join the conversation and watch out for the link to the seminar, which will be published in February through ICOM’s social media channels.

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