Fund the Arts in Beirut

11 August 2020


A Message from Walid Raad, Board President, and Mai Abu ElDahab, Director

People are still missing; The dead are being buried; The wounded tended to; Psyches are scarred; Debris is piling up; Shortages abound; And top of our mourning, tears, and fears, we feel anger, defiance, resignation, horror and disgust wrapped into a single continuous consuming emotion.

As we live this (up close and from afar), we will do what we can so that our arts communities return to studios and workspaces, gathering spots and centers, art schools and residencies, museums and theaters.

We set up this fund to gather resources for what’s to come as we know that our peers, colleagues and friends from all over the world are wanting to contribute. We are reaching out to those who know us already and trust our commitment to distributing the funds in transparent and flexible ways (keeping in mind the collapsing financial and banking system in Lebanon). As usual, we will make choices that can have lasting consequences, while prioritizing those already disadvantaged, and those who influence in a thoughtful manner the community around them.

Please write us if you know of a specific initiative or organization you would like to see support directed to. In the coming weeks, we will inform you via our newsletter of the priorities and process of distribution but for now, this is a moment to make a contribution (details below).

Thank you.


Please send your support by bank transfer to the following account:

Account Name: Mophradat VZW
IBAN: BE95 4263 1858 5158
Bank and Branch: KBC Bank, St. Gilles Ma Campagne, Brussels

Or by PayPal to clearly indicating BEIRUT ART FUND.

For any questions, you can email Krystel Khoury, our Grants Coordinator at If you need a receipt, please email Alberto Garcia del Castillo, our Administration Coordinator at alberto@mophradat.orgwith the required details (name of the person or organization and address).