24 October 2022

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CIMAM interviews MuseumAnywhere, the supplier of the new digital membership cards, to learn about the carbon footprint reduction per year that this implementation represents .

Technology is emerging as an excellent ally for museums after the experience of COVID 19 pandemic. Museum Anywhere is 100% focused on mobile and web solutions for arts and cultural organizations.

Can you tell us what have been the technology innovations most in demand by museums to meet the needs of their audiences in the last two years?

The most in-demand technology innovations over the past two years have revolved around the use of technology for contactless interaction with members and visitors and the ability to service members remotely.

At the member level, we have seen a significant increase in the implementation of digital membership cards, as it allows instant access to web information, card benefits updates, and renewal reminders.

The delivery of digital tickets to members and visitors directly to the phone wallet, the issuance of digital guest passes that can be shared with text, and the Fastlane member kiosk for contactless registration of members are being implemented to streamline access to the venues.

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These are all enhancements to avoid queues and streamline the check-in and registration processes, concepts that improve the in-person museum visit experience.

As for the online experience, visitor access to collection content through mobile and tourist apps has been accelerated.

The electronic membership card streamlines members' real-time activation and access to the different institutions.

What other functionalities will CIMAM members be able to enjoy from 2022 with the electronic membership card?

The electronic membership card will allow CIMAM members always to carry the pass that will enable them to one-click access to the more than 200 institutions worldwide enrolled in the Free Admission Program. In addition, they will receive updates from CIMAM and instant access to informative content and membership renewal reminders.

Can you share a ballpark figure for the reduction in plastic, printing inks, and postage resulting from implementing technology such as your electronic membership card?

These digital products, in addition to offering contactless delivery, reduce administrative time and, therefore, staff costs, streamline services, improve the experience and reduce the carbon footprint of the institutions we serve.

For an institution with 5,000 members, and about 10,000 cards, the total annual savings would be $12,500, and the carbon footprint reduced per year would be about 1,433 pounds (650 kg) of CO2.