"CIMAM is a forum for cultural exchange"

12 February 2024

Kamini Sawhney, CIMAM Board member and Director of the Museum of Art & Photography in Bangalore, India, emphasizes the significance of being a part of CIMAM and talks about the importance of being a voice that inspires and debates the most pressing issues affecting the community of modern and contemporary art museum professionals.

I'm Kamini Sawhney, the Director of the Museum of Art & Photography, Bangalore, MAPIndia. It's a new museum that's just opened in February.

Organizations like CIMAM are so important for museums and museum professionals or anyone in the art space, Because it provides a platform for professionals in the contemporary art space and the modern art space to work together.

CIMAM is a forum for cultural exchange, for us to exchange ideas, have conversations, share our problems, and look for solutions from each other. So it's a great opportunity for conversation and dialogue.

And when you have professionals from different parts of the world coming together, you also have these cross-cultural references, and you're able to understand each other so much better.

The CIMAM Annual Conference is a wonderful opportunity to bring up so many issues that are so important to all of us. I remember the discussion today about accessibility and how we create museums that are much more inclusive. How we don't only look at the plan of accessibility, but we look at what is non-negotiable, what is so important for everyone who wants to buy into this so that the museum is a space that welcomes everybody.

So I think this is a great time for all of us to come together, to share what we have to offer, to hear from others, so that we really have a global community and we are all able to come together for the sake of the arts.