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18 March 2024

CIMAM Board 2023-25

CIMAM is a key generator of content, contacts, and resources for the international modern and contemporary art museum community. We invite you to browse the 2023 Annual Report which highlights the activities, programs, and finances of CIMAM in the preceding year.

CIMAM 2023 Annual Report

CIMAM 2023 Key Figures

687 members → 373 individual / 299 institutional cards
47 → new individual members
10 → new institutional members
44% → Museum Directors and Leadership Positions in Museums (297)
33% → Chief Curators and Curatorial Positions (222)
11% → Other positions in Museums (75)
8% → Independent Curators (57)
81 countries → represented in CIMAM’s membership
15.523 followers → 57% more in social media and newsletter subscribers than in 2022
15 voluntary → Board members
3 staff → in the executive office

CIMAM 2023 Annual Report

CIMAM 2023 Annual Report

Letter from Suhanya Raffel, President of CIMAM

Suhanya Raffel
Suhanya Raffel, President of CIMAM, and Director of M+ Museum in Hong Kong.

Reflecting on the developments of 2023, which have been marked by the start of a new three-year term for both, the CIMAM membership and the CIMAM Board, this organization has undergone significant positive transformations. The CIMAM Board has played a crucial role in guiding CIMAM's strategic direction to ensure we accomplish our mission to foster knowledge exchange and support to museum directors and curators.

Through a series of working groups and participatory initiatives led and shaped by the CIMAM Board – such as the Annual Conference, the Webinars, the Sustainability and Ecology in the Museum Practice, the Travel Grant Program, the Museum Watch, and the Outstanding Museum Practices Award – our commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and best practices in museum governance has gained the interest and participation of 687 museum directors and curators from various corners of the globe. This figure, achieved in a single year, significantly exceeds the count recorded in 2022, with the culmination of a three-year term encompassing members from the previous three years, totaling 741.

Appreciation for CIMAM's mission is also seen in the increased support from individuals and institutions acting as Patrons. In 2023, we were honored and privileged to welcome five new Patrons and Supporters to CIMAM, and their trust and loyalty are precious in enabling the development of programs that address the evolving needs of our sector.

One of the most notable milestones of 2023 has been the establishment of CIMAM's Code of Ethics, a testament to our commitment to upholding best practices in the governance of modern and contemporary art institutions.

The creation of this Code of Ethics underscores CIMAM's dedication to recognizing and valuing its various stakeholders. And refers to the ICOM Code of Ethics – a framework dedicated to safeguarding museums and collections, human rights, and promoting exemplary practices in cultural institutions and among the professionals they encompass – to develop its own set of distinctive ethical values that will define its organizational culture.

In 2023, it was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 9–11 November, hosted by CIMAM Board member Victoria Noorthoorn, Director of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, under the auspices of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. An optional post-tour was organized to Salta on November 12 and 13, 2023. A total of 248 modern and contemporary art curators and museum professionals from 48 countries attended the CIMAM 2023 Annual Conference.

The CIMAM Annual Conference has become a beacon for intellectual discourse, networking, and collaboration, creating a dynamic environment where ideas flourish, partnerships are forged, and the collective strength of the global community is celebrated.

This year was particularly notable for the Travel Grants Program, which received an unprecedented number of more than 250 applications. We were pleased to award 23 international and 23 Argentine grants, facilitating professionals from emerging economies to travel to Buenos Aires and take part in the Annual Conference in November.

The Annual Conference also featured the presentation of the third edition of the Outstanding Museum Practice Award, which recognized the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá's program, "CHAGRES: the Nomadic Residency Program”, a decentralized artistic residency project that is carried out directly in and with the communities involved to question the boundaries drawn between art and artisan work.

Beyond the conference, the Museum Watch Program, CIMAM’s advocacy working group, published five articles during 2023 addressing museum governance issues, and CIMAM offered five Rapid Response Webinars during the second and third quarters of the year to foster ongoing discussions within the CIMAM community.

The Sustainability and Ecology in Museum Practice working group surveyed the global CIMAM community on its efforts to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Based on the survey, the group expanded its Toolkit to cover sustainability's social and economic aspects. Three articles were published interpreting survey results and offering insight into the museum community's progress towards the 2030 United Nations Developing Goals.

In December 2023, CIMAM was able to share the refreshed 2023 version of the Bizot Green Protocol, consisting of crucial research science-based guiding principles, climate control guidelines, and a set of handbooks to accompany the protocol, offering scientific evidence, museum testimonials, and practical tools to facilitate its seamless adoption and implementation.

The diversity of activities and accomplishments throughout the year reflects CIMAM's commitment to fostering collaboration, addressing critical issues, and staying connected to our vibrant community.

Together with my fellow members of the Board, CIMAM looks ahead to 2024 and aims to continue working to achieve its vision of a world where modern and contemporary art museums are recognized for their contributions to society's cultural, social, and economic well-being.

The members of the Board and I sincerely thank all CIMAM Patrons, members, followers, and collaborators for their commitment to the contemporary art museum profession, their generous support, and their active participation in CIMAM’s programs and initiatives.

I look forward to seeing you and collaborating with you in 2024!

Warm regards,

Suhanya Raffel
President of CIMAM
Director of M+ Museum, Hong Kong