Bart de Baere invites you to join CIMAM!

18 January 2024

Bart de Baere, CIMAM Secretary-General, General and Artistic Director, MHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium, extends a cordial invitation to all modern and contemporary art museum professionals to be part of CIMAM.

Here we are!

You are in that side, and I'm here!

And you are interested in contemporary art museums like I'm, like we are at CIMAM because you are looking at this.

Contemporary art museums are really strange beasts.

They are places where the idea of what it might be, what it might mean to be a museum, is coming together with the urgencies of contemporaneity

because we are working with artists, and that makes a hell of a lot of difference.

I think it is logical to be an affiliated organization to ICOM.

We are a generative element of museums. A lot of things that are happening in museums worldwide as a normal practice have actually been developed in this kind of strange place called contemporary art museums.

So, we feel it is really important that there is a venue to continue to discuss this, to stand for this, to defend this, to reflect on this.

That is what CIMAM is. CIMAM is, at best, we hope, can be a network coming together can be a community of all these venues all over the world that are making this endeavor, that are sometimes hugely successful in unexpected ways.

They are sometimes precarious that make them under threat.

And I have felt in the past that it was a great support to be aware of the fact that you are not alone, that we share this struggle, this endeavor with other people, and other places that we can learn from them.

So, we really hope that, even more so than is already the case today, all the contemporary art museums and all the individuals set a commitment to this notion, to this desire to be at the same time thinking over a longer period of time and to be squarely into the present, that all these people become part of us, become friends, become part of this kind of conviviality worldwide, because it is strengthening us.

So, we hope if you would not be a member yet, that you will become one.

#JoinCIMAM now! Become a #CIMAMmember!