After appeal Aichi Triennale receives grant

23 March 2020

Aichi triennale 2303.jpg

The Agency for Cultural Affairs revised its decision to not give a grant to the Aichi Triennale, an international art festival in Aichi Prefecture, where some exhibitions, including a girl symbolizing a comfort woman, had been suspended.

Originally the Japanese Government denied the grant request due to “inadequate advance application details” In response, numerous organizations namely the Federation of Art Critics and CIMAM issued opposition statements regarding this non-grant.

An appeal was made to the Agency for Cultural Affairs and was finally approved for a subsidy of 66 million yen down from 78 million yen the previous year.

Adapted from NHK News Web and bijutsutecho.

For further reference

CIMAM Statements

Aichi Triennale re-opened thanks to the artists’ and curators’ efforts. 31 January 2020.

CIMAM questions the decision of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs
to withhold the funding granted to the Aichi Triennale 2019. 10 October 2019.

Deep concern at cancellation of the exhibition “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’”
27 August 2019.

Biennale Foundation

Aichi Triennale Tests The Limits Of Freedom Of Expression In Japan.
15 November 2019.

CIMAM open letter to the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs

Letter to Miyata Ryohei. 10 October 2019.

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